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Scripps Ranch Web Designs

Scripps Ranch Web Designs is in a professional web design company, which gives you a variety of website design services. Our main service is website design and there are many other website related services such as data entry, website maintenance, server configuration & setup, technical support, training support, website hosting, email hosting, email marketing, search engine optimization, and website consultation. Scripps Ranch Web Designs offers affordable website services packages and we could customize a website service package that fits your budget. Scripps Ranch Web Designs started being in the website development field since 1995 and has heightened the level of professionalism by constantly upgrading ourselves to the newest technologies. Our high level of website design expertise is based on our website designers and programmers. That is why we are always striving to hire those that are best at doing web design and have an expandable knowledge in this field. Scripps Ranch Web Designs is aiming to create a professional and user friendly website for you. The websites that we build are for your target audience so putting ourselves in their shoes during the website developmental phases is necessary. Our company offers long term commitment to our clients after we are done with a website project by offering tech support and website hosting services. It’s more convenient for you to have these options to select from since we know your website from the backend to the frontend. Scripps Ranch Web Designs is committed to you after you become our potential client. Trust us because we are there to help you in every step of the way.

What makes Scripps Ranch Web Designs different from other web design companies is that we get to know our clients first before determining a quote. A lot of time, people called in and expected us to give them a quote out of the blue. All they said was, “Just give me a quote.” Professionally, we refused to give them a quote and tried to get to know them first by making them fill out a survey. The survey is called Getting to Know Our Potential Clients. In the survey, some examples of the question that we asked are what many pages do you want in your website, it is an e-commerce website, it is a static or dynamic website, etc. The whole point of this is to help us knowing exactly what they are looking for in a website. After our clients filled out this survey, then we need to take some time to analyze the survey before determining a quote. The quote is based on your needs and wants. It’s more for your benefit than us. After this phase, it time for our clients to make a decision whether they want to sign a contract with our company or not. If our clients decided to sign a contract with us, then we will proceed to the phase II.

The phase II is where real work begins. This is when we have to put together a blueprint for your website. We got to lay out page by page and put down exactly what needs to be done for each website page. During this process, Scripps Ranch Web Designs wants to insert in your ideas along with our recommendations to create the best website for you. We create a website with a consideration in mind, which is the website target audience. A website is being created not for the administrator but for the target audience. Its goal is to attract in as many visitors as possible. Scripps Ranch Web Designs could do that by designing the website with many unique ideas. Those unique ideas will make your website stands out. Before you know it, the cash will keep on flowing in and your company is expanding. The websites that we built are in its best shape not only for the present but for the future as well. Besides building a website, our team will put in the effort to think of the marketing side of it.

If you think that creating a website is easy, then you are wrong. It’s not a simple task. The process of creating a website requires tedious hours of programming and coding. Website developers have to come up with the design, layout, pages of the website, creating logos and images, embedding social media (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Blogs), and so many others. We have to go through hours of planning and analysis. That is not all; we got spend hours of testing the website before its launch. Testing includes filling out the contact form to see if it goes through, check out the payment process, submitting forms, and etc. Most of the time, during the testing process, customers are not happy with what they are seeing so we got to make many changes and that also requires hours of coding and programming. So don’t judge the outside layer of a website and think that websites are easy to create. The good news is websites have many variations; therefore, people have many choices when it comes to picking out the layout, design, navigation toolbars, social media, and many others. Most of the time, people don’t know what they are choosing since their knowledge of websites is limited unlike a professional website design firm such as San Jose Web Design Services Company. We are here not only to create your website, but also give out recommendations to put together great ideas for your website for your benefit in the long run. Below are descriptions of some characteristics of a good website.

Track your visitors. There should be tools such as Google Analytics that track how many visitors visited your website per day, month, and year.  You could be able to see what page on your website your visitors usually stay on and how many people left it. This is a good way to know what attracts your website visitors the most and you could improve on making things better on your website overtime.

High speed. A page that takes a long time to load could be a huge problem. It prevents your website visitors from staying. Things that could slow down your website are huge images or graphics, heavy video, wrong coding and programming, the server speed, and many others.

Professional but yet not too complicated design. Your website should have the clean look and easy navigation toolbars. The text content should be easy to read and don’t overwhelm the page with only text. There should be graphics and images that come along with the text. Also separate the text body into short paragraphs to make your website visitors to read it easier. It’s not necessary to create a flashy website because making a website to look more professional is more important.

Inserting your website link anywhere possible. You should put down your website link in social media such as Twitter, Facebook. LinkedIn, Mypace, and blogs. The reason for this is to let your website be heard and generate more traffic to your website. It’s a good idea to allow other websites to put down your website link. You should create a group on your Facebook account and get others to like it.

Focusing on search engine optimization. People often don’t think too much about it but it’s important since what page your website will show on the search engine is based on how good your search engine optimization is. Good search engine optimization works well when you incorporate certain keywords on the website and provide a content that goes along with the keywords. Also the keywords should be repeated in a certain number of times. Search engine optimization can make a huge difference in getting more people to your website.

Scripps Ranch Web Designs is here to help you so don’t hesitate to contact us.


Scripps Ranch Web Designs

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