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Auction Website Designers

Auction Website Designers

            Welcome to Auction Website Designers! If you are looking for an auction website designers company to create a one of a kind powerful, unique, scalable and future featured auction website, then you found the right place. Auction Website Designers could create an auction website that allows YOU to manage entire online auction operation including: create new auctions within seconds, manage auctions, manage customers, run transaction reports, offer buy it now option, create discount coupons, setup hot list, and the list can goes on and one. We offer two types of action: regular penny auction and "buy seats" auction (user must buy seat to participate). The admin user has the functionality to change auctions time, step, bid increments, date formats, user authentication, graphic design layout and other parameters in admin panel. Any type of online payment can be integrated, for example PayPal, credit card, and many other types of online payment. You don’t have to worry about any of these stuffs since Auction Website Designers will take care all of it for you.

The auction website that Auction Website Designers created usually has the following descriptions below.

  • Ease of use for your customers - Sign-Up, new customer sign-up is streamlined and the entire process can be less than a couple of minutes. Payment - offer your customers more than one way of paying for the bid package(s). Interactive - smart auto messaging is built in to keep your customers fully informed.
  • Sales & members reports- Your penny auction software is equipped with easy to use sales report tools that you can use to generate critical sales reports such as auctions sold, bids sold, net profit or lost, etc.
  • Promotional Display Banner - Have an item that need to be sold?  What about a special promotion or a discount offer to entice your customer to sign up?  Putting up such banner on your site is as easy as clicking on 1-2-3.  No special software programmer or auction website designers’ expert.
  • Watch List Auction - Watch List allows your customers to pick and choose which item to watch for and receiving up to date status of those items. Talking about giving customer the tools and the convenient to do business with you.
  • Multi-languages Option - Multi-languages option allowing you the system administrator to select more than language for your customers. The system is built in with more than a dozen most popular languages.  Just a check box and you will have the language you wanted for your customers.
  • Hot List Auction- Hot List allows your customers to create and easily manage his or her hot list items without having to deal with all the irrelevant items that are not your customers' interest.
  • Auction Clone Option - Clone Option all you as the website administrator to quickly duplicate or clone an auction based on the existing one with unique auction ID with the ability to update any field if needed.
  • Auto Bid Option - Auto Bid is like auto piloting your auction activities.  It allows your customers to set up the amount ($) and the number of bids he or she is willing to pay for the selected item and when the time come for auctioning, it automatically bid it for your customer without him or her being there.
  • Buy it now option- Buy it now option offers your customers the option to buy the product at the discounted price after the auction is ended.  This gives you another way to make money and assure your customers that the money they spent on bid package is not lost.  Our buy it now option is one of the kind.
  • Shipping Tracking Module- For your customers, auction website designers could create a system that is smart enough to change from “Bid It” to “Pay for It” and from “Pay for It” to “Track It” depending on the action that your customers have taken.  Once the item is paid for it by your customer(s), you as the system admin can insert the tracking number so that your customer(s) can easily track the order.
  • Coupons & Special Sales Tools - This feature allows you to promote your business and entice your potential customer to sign up for special deals or discounted coupon.  Creating a promotional discount coupon and applying it to your auction is as easy as 1-2-3.
  • Design customization and scalability- The system came along with pre-built templates that you can use.  However, our expertise is in customizing the design to fit your business needs.  You can easily integrate your own design if desired.

For the auction players, they have the following functionalities:

  • Auctions won- show all the items that the user won and there is a “Buy Now” tab next to it. The “Buy Now” tab allows the user to purchase the item/s that they won in the highest bidding price.
  • Auto bids- set the system to bid automatically for you. You can select the auction item, set maximum number of bids and maximum amount of bids.
  • Recharge your account now – in here you can buy a new bid package. It displays how many bids you have left. An example of bid packages that you can put up are 20 bids for $10.00, 40 bids for $20.00, 80 bids for $35.00, 160 bids for $60.00, 320 bids for $100.00, and 640 bids for $180.00.
  • Auctions watch – inserting in a keyword that describes the type of auction item that you are looking for. This will show you all the items that related to the inserted keyword and you can keep an eye on it.
  • Bid history- you can see all your bid history and your highest bid. Also what date the bid ended.
  • Auctions which I have participated in - it allows you to see all the items that you bid on and whether if those items are still active or closed.
  • Refills history – show which dates the user purchased a bid package.

Auction website designers can customize an auction website that is unique derived from your ideas. We can insert in any icon or create any background that you have in mind. Just throw at us some of your creative ideas and it’s our job to make your vision alive. Auction website designers have recently created a sampling penny auction website called You can check this website out and it will give you a visualize image of what we can create from the back-end to the front-end. The admin system is easily manageable with all the possible functionalities that you can think of such as:

Editing general settings

Batch procedures settings

Pictures upload

Error handling

Countries table


Auctions duration

Bid increments

Editing Preferences

Currencies settings

Dates format

Default country

HTML meta Tags

Editing Graphic Interface

Theme selection

General layout settings

Editing Users

Admin users

New admin user

Admin users management

Registered users

Acceptance Text

Users management


Newsletter submission

IP addresses

Editing auctions

Bid Packages
Auction Categories
Add new auction

All auctions
View Open Auctions
View Closed Auctions

View Suspended Auctions

Extended Settings

Editing contents

News Management

About Us Page

How it works
Terms & Conditions Page

There are so many people that made millions of dollars by having a penny auction website, why don’t you start now? Don’t hesitate any longer and start contacting us now. Trust us and Auction Website Designers can help you.

Auction Website Designers

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