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 Social Networking Software

            Welcome to social networking software website! Are you looking for a website design company that helps you to create a social networking website? You don’t have to look anymore, because you have found us. We are a professional website design company that has a specialty in designing and creating social networking websites. Our typical social networking website design includes text chat, emails, instant messaging, forum, blogs, news, gallery, member photos, music, video, groups, events, advertisements, and many others.  Your social networking website could be customized to match your interest and needs. As being a part of the better business bureau and our 16 years of experiences being in the web design, there is no website that is too difficult for us. Don’t waste anymore time in contemplating about how to create your perfect social networking website. Seek for help and start now by contacting us.  

            In every community, there is a need to have a social networking website that brings together the whole community. The social networking website can tighten the circle in your community and give the people in your community a greater chance to connect with their social group. The good thing about it is it can be reached by outsiders that live in other county, city, state, another country, and continent. There is no place that is unreachable because people could access to it in just one click via the net. No matter where you go, you can get your community updates in an instant and get in touch with the people back home.

            Talking about plans to create your perfect social networking website is easy but the process of coding and programming for it is tend to be more difficult. That is why it’s necessary to find a professional website design company to help you creating your ideal social networking website. The website design company must have advanced technological tools that contain high functional social networking software. Social networking software is very complicated to create and must be developed by a professional website programmer. The question that you can ask them has the software has been tested? If you ask our website company this question, then the answer would be “yes”. We have tested our social networking software and developed a social networking website for the Vietnamese community around the world. You can visit and check it out yourself. If you really want to know how it really works, then register to be a member. The registration process is easy and it’s free. Typical social networking software contains some tools that could incorporate things such as music, video, movies, blogs, comments, chat, daily news, gallery, and images. Having much functionality gives users more freedom to express themselves and connect with others through your social networking website.

            Just like anywhere, there is always a growing community in their country and abroad immerse themselves in the virtual global community ever more tightly, a demand for a unique entity for social networking arises. Social networking software can make your ideal version of a social networking website comes alive in every way possible. Social networking software contains tools that design a social networking website with a clean, cool layout and a brand new website. It gives users an easy access to friend list, messages, tagged features and a media-rich world. Behind a chic and neat façade is a safe and secure environment where members can freely communicate with others while protecting their identity and privacy. Besides promoting popular trends in contemporary music, video, fashion among people in your community of all ages, the website can attempt to promote the century-old culture, language, and history of your community. Your community can come to the light through your social networking website and let the world knows about your rich portfolio of regional customs, cuisines, literature, performing arts of which has been left unexplored by the rest of the world. By facilitating conversations between people who have affiliation with this culture, and by allowing them to share their ideas through the modern day multimedia, your social networking website will bring them closer to each other and bring them closer to the world that we live in.

In the age of the World Wide Web and viral social media, the promotion of multicultural understanding and culture-based friendship of your community should be digitally available. Our social networking software can develop a social networking website that fills in the gap between the aware and the unaware, between continents and oceans.

Below are more descriptive details of our social networking software.

Two types of Social network search engines

Social networking software has 2 types of social network search engines. They are a class of search engines that use social networks to organize, prioritize or filter search results. There are two subclasses of social network search engines: those that use explicit social networks and those that use implicit social networks.

·         Implicit social network search engines allow people to filter search results based upon classes of social networks they trust, such as a shared political viewpoint. This was called an epistemic filter in the 1993 "State of the Future Report" from the American Committee for the United Nations University which predicted that this would become the dominant means of search for most users.

·        Explicit social network search engines allow people to find each other according to explicitly stated social relationships such as XFN social relationships. XHTML Friends Network, for example, allows people to share their relationships on their own sites, thus forming a decentralized/distributed online social network, in contrast to centralized social network services listed in the previous section.


Social networking software has tools that could create blogs, short for web logs, are like online journals for a particular person. The owner will post a message periodically, allowing others to comment. Topics often include the owner's daily life, views on politics or a particular subject important to them. Blogs mean many things to different people, ranging from "online journal" to "easily updated personal website." While these definitions are technically correct, they fail to capture the power of blogs as social software. Beyond being a simple homepage or an online diary, some blogs allow comments on the entries, thereby creating a discussion forum. They also have blog rolls (i.e. links to other blogs which the owner reads or admires) and indicate their social relationship to those other bloggers using the XFN social relationship standard.

Instant Messaging

Social networking software has tools that could create an instant messaging application or client allows one to communicate with another person over a network in real time, in relative privacy. Popular, consumer-oriented clients include AOL Instant Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, Meebo, MSN Messenger, Pidgin (formerly Gaim), Skype and Yahoo! Messenger. Instant messaging software designed for use in business includes IBM Lotus Sametime, XMPP and Microsoft Messenger.

Text chat

Social networking software has tools that could setup Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and other online chat technologies allow users to join chat rooms and communicate with many people at once, publicly. Users may join a pre-existing chat room or create a new one about any topic. Once inside, you may type messages that everyone else in the room can read, as well as respond to messages from others. Often there is a steady stream of people entering and leaving. Whether you are in another person's chat room or one you've created yourself, you are generally free to invite others online to join you in that room. Instant messaging facilitates both one-to-one (communication) and many-to-many interaction.

Social network services

Social network services allow people to come together online around shared interests, hobbies or causes. For example, some sites provide meeting organization facilities for people who practice the same sports. Other services enable business networking (Ryze, XING and LinkedIn) and social event meetups (Meetup). Anyone can create their own social networking service using hosted offerings like Ning, grou.psor rSitez or more flexible, installable software like Elgg, Jcow, BuddyPress, Social Engine, phpFox, or Concursive's ConcourseConnect.

Internet forums

Social networking software has tools that could create forums, which contains many different categories in a hierarchy according to topics and subtopics. Other features include the ability to post images or files or to quote another user's post with special formatting in one's own post. Forums often grow in popularity until they can boast several thousand members posting replies to tens of thousands of topics continuously.

There are various standards and claimants for the market leaders of each software category. Various add-ons may be available, including translation and spelling correction software, depending on the expertise of the operators of the bulletin board. In some industry areas, the bulletin board has its own commercially successful achievements: free and paid hardcopy magazines as well as professional and amateur sites.

 Market Prediction for the trend of Social Networking Software

Many prediction market tools have become available (including some free software) that make it easy to predict and bet on future events. This is more formal version of social interaction, although it qualifies as a robust type of social software.

Social Networking Software Company, part of Digital Marketing Solutions, offers more applications than the ones that are listed above. We are a professional web design company. 

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Social Networking Software

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